Garmin GPS dog collar

Garmin tracking systems show you not only where your dog is, but also what he is doing and where he has been. These Garmin gps dog collar and Handhelds were designed originally for hunters, but they are ideal for any dog that needs to be tracked.

Choose between the Alpha 100, which lets you track and train your dog from a single handheld unit, and the Astro 430, which includes both dog tracking and a full-featured GPS.

Dog Tracking Systems

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We own and train our own hounds, and we regularly use the Garmin tracking collars we sell. We are proud of our hard-won knowledge and are excited to share it with you. Because when you shop at our Garmin Product Store US, you are more than a consumer; you are a part of our community.
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Today I received my Alpha 100. Excellent quality, excellent service, and a reasonable price. And it arrived pretty quickly. Thank you so much, guys. I will definitely be getting some more Garmin things from you in the near future.


I can’t thank Garmin Product Store US enough for their assistance and high-quality tracking collars, as well as their low prices and prompt shipping. They are always pleasant to work with and have a wealth of expertise.